Some Of The Most Stylish Watches



A great watch has become one of the most stylish things in the world. Almost every person in this world owns a watch. Here are 10 of the most stylish watches of the past 4 years.

1. Breitling Emergency II

The award for best watch of the year was won by the Breitling Emergency II. If you ever find yourself in a place where you cannot escape, this watch can transmit analog and digital frequencies for 24 hours so you can find your location.

Once this option is enabled, you can never reinstate. The watch is worth $16,000 and has sold more than 40,000 pieces a year.

2. Ulysses Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

The Carnival of Venice clock Ulysses won the award for artistic excellence. More than a watch, this piece is a work of functional art. As time passes, the figures that are at the bottom move.

That is why this watch not only marks the time, but also tells a story. There are only 18 pieces of this model in the world and is so exclusive, that the mark ‘Ulysses Carnival’ has shown its price.

3. Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT +30 India

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT won the ‘most useful’ year clock. It has four needles marking two different times, depending on what time zone you want to define.

In addition, this watch is made ​​with stainless steel, pink gold and alligator strap. There are only 30 pieces worldwide. So has a cost of $20,000.

4. Hublot Red ‘n’ Black Skeleton Tourbillon

This innovative watch was made ​​with ceramic. Hublot had previously used this material to manufacture watches, but nobody likes having a color so bright like this.

It is also water resistant and contains titanium and antireflective sapphire crystal. The value of ‘Hublot Red ‘n’ Black Skeleton Tourbillon’ is $97,000.

5. Ulysse Nardin Royal Ruby Tourbillon

This watch is what every woman would want. There are only 99 ‘Royal Ruby’ in the world that make it one of the most exclusive watches in the world.

The Swiss brand ‘Ulysse Nardin’ developed this model with solid platinum, rubies and diamonds. This beautiful watch costs $310,000.

6. Cartier Rotonde Panther Granulation

Cartier produced only 20 watches of this amazing work of art. Panther logo of the brand, which appears on the caseback, was created more than 3000 gold beads.

Each ‘Cartier Rotonde Granulation Panther’ takes two months to be manufactured. This watch has a value of $ 260,000.

7. Parmigiani Ovale pantographe

This watch won the award for having the best ‘concept’ of 2013. The odd thing is that Parmigiani Ovale pantographe handle clock can contract and lengthen when moved.

It is made of sapphire crystal with antireflective material and is also made ​​of pink and white gold. Therefore, the pantograph costs $95,000.

8. Bulgari Octo

This model of the prestigious Bulgari varies in price. Depending on what materials have been used for the manufacture of this watch, the cost is between $9500 to $240,000. The Bulgari Octo reflects the elegance and simplicity in design.

9. Hublot LaFerrari

If you’re a fan of Ferrari, this watch is for you. In the awards for ‘Best World Clocks 2013’, the Hublot LaFerrari was voted best sports watch of the year. With a value of $ 300,000, Hublot LaFerrari is made with sapphire crystal and titanium.

10. Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

There are only 25 pieces of this wonderful watch. The ‘Hurricane’, apart from being extremely functional, is made with 18K pink gold and the strap is of lizard skin. This ‘Jewel of time’ worth $ 280,000.